Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Toshiba Journe Touch

Toshiba Journe Touch works under the operating system Win CE 6.0 and tries to serve to the user for several intentions in due time a day. To start we will be able to gain access to Internet, update information in our social networks or listen and see Internet content. The screen of 7 inches of type LED of Toshiba Joune Touch comes with resolution of 800×480, sufficient to work with the navigator Internet Explorer 6 or to see multimedia contents with help of Multimedia Windows Player 9. His contrast is of 300:1 and it has panoramic format 16:9.

The supported formats when we reproduce videos center on the MP4/H.264, while in audio and photos we have to be content with WMA, MP3 and JPEG. To receive Internet contents Toshiba Joune Touch it has connectivity WiFi 802.11b/g and something interesting, connectivity 3G if we place in his port USB an external stick. The same port USB we can use it to read external content, and can enjoy the exit HDMI the content on big screen, although for it an optional accessory is necessary. If we need it, also we are provided with a groove for cards SD that complements the GB of internal memory of the team.

The base of the functioning of Toshiba Joune Touch there are the widgets, between which we find those of Youtube, Acetrax, Picasa, Flick or MSN Messenger. Also we will be able to receive content route RSS. The autonomy of the battery is a key point in these teams. This Toshiba model fails noisily in this aspect, promising only 7 hours of autonomy when we listen to music and a ridiculous number of 2 hours sailing along Internet. Although the logical thing is that we always have it at home, it is not encouraging information.
Neither we know the price. It goes on sale at the end of year.


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