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Tips Buying a Desktop PC or Notebook

Tips Buying a Desktop PC or Notebook.
Along with significant technological developments in this decade, computers have become one means of support in running economies, education or other activities related to technology. As we all know, at this time computer users in developing countries has only reached 37% of the population, and the number is still very much in comparison with the existing computer users in America or Europe. In my opinion, this is caused by comparison of the currency used, and level of education in countries - developing countries are still low.
Currently the computer that has been released by several vendors are very various and with different price levels. Therefore, I give some tips for beginners when you want to buy a desktop PC / notebook the following:

• Identify your needs and adjust with the existing budget
Budget which I mention here of course relates to your financial situation. Example: You want to buy a desktop PC / laptop you'll use only for air-internet (browsing, chat), watch a movie from DVD (There is now a new disc format that is blue-ray, but in Indonesia may not have much to use it) or listening to music, I think you should look for a standard specification. Standard I say here, that is not like the computer used for gaming, graphics design, or for the NOC (Network Operation Center) / Data Center that require a formidable processor, as well as memory and hard disk capacity is large. Because of the higher specification of a computer, the higher the price.

• Consult with your colleagues who simply understand the computer hardware.
Once you know the main requirement you buy a computer, do a discussion or ask for opinions from your colleagues who understand enough about the hardware / hardware, either online (on the forums / mailing lists) or offline. At this stage we often also get information about the shop / individual who sells computers with low price, which may be sold because of financial difficulties or the other anymore. It also prevents the risk of circumvention by us in the stores that naughty or who want merchandise sold without thinking of the consumer.

• Do price comparisons, between store brands and vendors.
Once you get the information about the specifications that match your needs, please you to the computer store. Make a price comparison of each store. Do not be shy to ask for the Consumer is King, but a reasonably ask, since most do not ask too good.

• Choose a PC / Laptop which brand was already familiar and well known.
This needs to be done because in addition to the quality of the computer itself also supplies spare parts of computer hardware since we do not know for sure vulnerable time performance and damage from that computer. For laptops, most computer stores in Indonesia, providing computer spare part on certain brands, including Dell Latitude, Dell XPS, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Lenovo although according to some friends, spare part Lenovo still sometimes hard to find.

• Check Guarantee. better you check the time for guarantee your desktop. long or short, it will be useful if your PC get damage

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