Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Installing Computer Memory In PC

If you made a visit to one of those big computer stores in the mall, they would have told you that you will have to wait a few days to get your computer memory installed. Actually, installing computer memory in a PC takes just about a minute or so. The big stores take time because they have a lot of other things to attend to. They will also usually charge you a fee for replacing your memory.

This article will give you quick information with which you can install PC memory yourself. First, turn off your computer and unplug the power cable. Next, you will need to remove the cover of your tower unit. An ordinary screwdriver will be enough to do that job. Once you have removed the cover, you will be able to see the motherboard or a large printed circuit board with the RAM chips installed on them. If your motherboard and the insides of the cabinet are dusty, use a can of compressed air to remove the dust.

LCD Technology News

In today's modern world we take many scientific advances for granted. The technology responsible for today's world of computers, televisions and game consoles is not generally understood. LCD technology is ubiquitous but often goes unnoticed. What understanding do you have of liquid crystal display - LCD?

How was LCD first discovered?
Liquid crystalline substances were, amazingly enough, discovered as long ago as 1888, the time of Jack the Ripper. An Austrian scientist, Friedrich Reinitzer, was the first to make this breakthrough. This was a long way from the LCD digital signage we know of today, but it still represented the first point that such liquid crystals were discovered. It would not be until 1962 that the optical nature of liquid crystals would be discovered by Richard Williams, who worked for ICA.

Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Toshiba Journe Touch

Toshiba Journe Touch works under the operating system Win CE 6.0 and tries to serve to the user for several intentions in due time a day. To start we will be able to gain access to Internet, update information in our social networks or listen and see Internet content. The screen of 7 inches of type LED of Toshiba Joune Touch comes with resolution of 800×480, sufficient to work with the navigator Internet Explorer 6 or to see multimedia contents with help of Multimedia Windows Player 9. His contrast is of 300:1 and it has panoramic format 16:9.

New iPhone 5 Release Coming Up

New iPhone 5 Release Coming Up.
Where to buy an iPhone 5 One of the biggest technology happenings of the year is coming but we certainly don't know when it's going to happen. Exactly the fact that it is BIG though, has created a LOT of speculation on the date of the release. Of course, I'm talking about what everyone else is talking about in 2011: iPhone 5!
There is certainly a significant amount of "BUZZ" surrounding this one and probably for good reason. I mean, let's face it, the iPhone is just one of a string of HUGE success stories that Apple has put together. 

Tips Buying a Desktop PC or Notebook

Tips Buying a Desktop PC or Notebook.
Along with significant technological developments in this decade, computers have become one means of support in running economies, education or other activities related to technology. As we all know, at this time computer users in developing countries has only reached 37% of the population, and the number is still very much in comparison with the existing computer users in America or Europe. In my opinion, this is caused by comparison of the currency used, and level of education in countries - developing countries are still low.
Currently the computer that has been released by several vendors are very various and with different price levels. Therefore, I give some tips for beginners when you want to buy a desktop PC / notebook the following: