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Microsoft Touch Mouse Review and Concept

Microsoft Touch Mouse Review and Concept.
This all new mouse released by Microsoft at the Consumer Electronics Show of 2011 has really been turning heads. It uses similar touch technology to the popular Apple Magic Mouse, but it has even more touch sensitive areas allowing the user to perform even more functions from the swipe of a finger or in its case even a thumb. This new mouse from Microsoft may be the mouse of the year in 2011.

Many companies roll out new mouse styles and different mice form factors each and every year. It is not very often that a new release really changes the way that we use the mouse. The Microsoft Touch Mouse may be a game changer for Microsoft as far as the hardware world goes. Microsoft has been making mice for many years and they have changed the look and feel many times, they have some very popular aftermarket mouse models, but this may bring them to the for front of the mouse market.

The concept of the Microsoft Touch Mouse is simple. Users will be able to perform many different gestures to perform different tasks on Windows. It has not been confirmed if this mouse will work on Mac computers as well, but because many applications on the Mac are already built to work with gesture based controls it would only make since to make it work on the Mac OS as well. Most of the pre-configured gestures are setup for a Windows 7 environment that means plenty of sliding, grabbing, dragging and stretching for your enjoyment.

The larger touch surface offered on the Microsoft Touch Mouse will allow for more open gestures than their competitors. Also a newly added touch surface to the area where your thumb already rests on this mouse will give even more functions and abilities to this mouse. You will be able to use this device wirelessly up to ten feet from the receiver. For any computer owner who does not already have a wireless mouse this will be a welcome addition for this feature alone. This hot new mouse from Microsoft should be hitting the stores soon and is predicted to be selling for around $80 in retail stores in the next few months.

There are a lot of new technologies coming together to make the Microsoft Touch Mouse an amazing product that delivers new functionality to consumers. As new concepts and ideas evolve we expect to see many more devices and gadgets using this next generation of touch technology in the years to come. If you love technology and want to learn more about what is coming next, check out this cool list of the 5 Top Technology Blogs and see why they are the best online resources for technology related information.
Microsoft Touch Mouse Review and Concept.

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